Poetic Equity

Read our First-Year Report on the Poetic Equity Program.

About Poetic Equity:
Agape Editions is happy to announce that we have partnered with KHEL Charities to implement Poetic Equity, our new outreach program that promotes development, education, and healing through the literary arts.

Agape’s mission has always been to  foster literature of numinous experience, to support and amplify diverse voices, and to build an interfaith and intercultural community. KHEL (Kindness, Health, Education, Laughter) is an organization that began working with marginalized communities in north India over thirty years ago, and now engages in social service projects in the USA as well. Our partnership with KHEL will allow us to gift Agape titles to educational and rehabilitative institutions in underserved communities across the USA.

Often, beauty and comfort are treated as frivolities or luxuries, rather than necessary components of spiritual development or psychic survival. Social and economic inequities in the United States are frequently underscored by the unhealthy and discriminatory attitude that members of underserved communities somehow do not deserve beauty for beauty’s sake, joy for joy’s sake, or knowledge for the sake of knowledge. We recognize this mode of thought as further entrenching extant socioeconomic and sociocultural inequities in our country.

Our Morning House library offers beautiful books as free PDF downloads to any and all readers; similarly, our new partnership with KHEL will allow us to offer copies from our print catalogue to urban and rural adult literacy programs across the United States, free of charge. We are happy to support essential Adult Literacy and English as a Second Language programs in the USA, and to bring more kindness and joy into the world. We believe that kindness, joy, beauty, and comfort are as essential to human development as physical health or a classroom education.

If you are a representative of a USA-based organization that may be interested in receiving copies of the books in Agape’s print catalogue, please contact us, with the subject heading “Poetic Equity.” (We welcome all inquiries; however, we must note that, due to the content of some of our books, they may not be appropriate for readers who are not yet in high school.)