Staff Picks for Spring Reading

Social justice is central to Agape’s mission, and we thought we’d share with you some books that have changed and challenged us.

How to Be Sad: Poetry by Risa Denenberg

How to Be Sad If you listen without language, you may hear my grandfather playing Brahms on the cello, grunting every now and then with the effort of an old man soon to die. He played for me that spring I lay sick with pneumonia. I was nine and lonely for my mothership, her planets…

An Ambiguous Utopia: Review of Leah Umansky’s “The Barbarous Century”

The advent of movements like Me Too, Black Lives Matter, the Never Again student efforts against gun violence, and others speak to inevitable and necessary backlashes against misogyny, inequality, corruption, and violence. These movements are reminders of the widening cracks between what’s long been tolerated (and in many cases accepted) and the reality of what…

Interview with T.A. Noonan on “Fall”

Jessica Walsh talks with T.A. Noonan about their wrenching memoir Fall (Agape Editions, 2017); the function of narrative, memory, and identity in their work; and the book’s place in the larger cultural conversation surrounding #MeToo.