Blogging the Numinous is a social media subset of the indie-lit micro-press Agape Editions. Agape Editions is an imprint of Sundress Publications that focuses on publishing visionary works of literature that engage and/or enact experiences of the Numinous. 

Agape Editions promotes literary work that represents mystical experiences across various races, ethnicities, social classes, educational backgrounds, genders, sexualities, physical bodies, abilities, and intellectual world views.

We seek to augment this mission via Blogging the Numinous by sharing content related to our vision for the greater literary community, including author interviews, micro-reviews of books from other presses that our team finds inspiring, essays, and the occasional piece(s) of solicited creative work. We hope that Blogging the Numinous will serve to connect the members of our community and provide stimulating content that uplifts and enlivens our discourse; in turn, we hope this will help enhance a shared understanding of our diverse spiritual community within the indie-lit world.

Please visit our website to learn more about our mission, our authors, and our current projects, as well as to access our catalogue of print titles and our Morning House e-chapbook library.