Agape Editions publishes literary work by authors of vision. We seek books that enact, embrace, or otherwise engage with some aspect(s) of the mystical, the ecstatic, or the Numinous. We publish books in both print and digital formats.

Sacred literature provides readers with intimate, individualized moments of epiphany & sublime revelation; such literature also expresses communal narratives that serve as conduit(s) for the survival of cultural customs, values, and beliefs—from which many people are able to draw a strong sense of both personal and shared identity. This is the work we want.

We are deeply appreciative of the types of community that have & continue to survive through religious tradition and spiritual knowledge. Our purpose is interfaith as well as literary.

We recognize that ecstatic experiences of the divine can occur through organized religious practices, immersion in the natural world, sexuality, physical and other forms of intimacy, individualized encounters with psychic or occult phenomena, and myriad additional avenues.

We believe that the work in our catalogue forms a mosaic of pilgrimage towards spiritual Truth(s). Our catalogue is representative of mystical, ecstatic, and/or Numinous experience across various races, ethnicities, social classes, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, genders, sexualities, physical bodies, abilities, and perspectives. We are not merely “open to” different types of experience and writing; we need them in order to thrive.

We are particularly interested in work that is aesthetically challenging and formally innovative.

We prize our methodology of contributing to the literary community through enduring, collaborative editorial relationships with our authors, and through our commitment to affirmative, supportive communications within our editorial team. In the same way that a poem is an incantation, a song, a prayer—so we consider Agape Editions a literary & spiritual family.